Demand Generation

Fill your sales funnel with more MQLs

Demand generation is a data-driven strategy. In addition to developing the right messaging, tactics and marketing channels that allow your brand to connect with prospects and customers, it is critical that you’re targeting the right people with the most appealing content possible. A successful demand generation program includes a personalization strategy that comes from data, quantitative analysis, and continuous testing.

We create strategies that align with your buyer personas and help generate demand for your products and services in the digital space. We focus on reaching the buyer at the beginning of their journey and continue to nurture them till they reach a decision.

The focus of our demand generation strategy will be to build and nurture your prospect and customer relationships for the long term. To do this efficiently, we implement a wide array of tactics including but not limited to

Social media

Blog posts


Banner ad campaigns

Email marketing campaigns

Weekly newsletter for subscribers

Meet-up events

Whether your company has been in business for decades or you are a start-up, Digital Multiply has the expertise to create winning strategies to help your marketing teams achieve their lead targets. With over a decade of experience in B2B demand generation, our consulting team can help you strategize, implement, manage and optimize campaigns.

Contact us for a free consultation on how Digital Multiply team can help create the right buzz around your product or service.