Digital Marketing

Services Include - Content marketing, Pay per Clicks, Social Media Management

Digital Multiply offers a unique data driven approach to digital marketing.

Unlike a majority of companies offering packages on search optimization, pay per clicks and social media marketing, we take a custom route for each of our clients.

Our digital marketing approach for a specific client is based on data obtained for their:

  • Industry
  • Stage of offering
  • Type of lead generation
  • Length and stages of sales cycle
  • Proximity to purchase decision
  • Geographic location
  • Search competitiveness landscape
  • Social competitiveness landscape
  • Visibility on other channels important to their industry

First In next Out

Once the above data is accumulated and researched, we start the work with first re-structuring our online presence. This usually means making required tweak to our messaging including the structure and content of our website and social platforms.

Once this is in place, we move over to external factors to impart more power and visibility to our website and social platforms.
With data as the guiding source, the above two steps are repeated in a cyclic manner to continuously improve the performance where it matters most.

We understand that digital marketing has to be a personalized activity and therefore work with only a limited number of companies who take their marketing efforts very seriously.

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