Digital Medical Practice

Digital Marketing for Physicians & Medical Practices

Digital Multiply enables physicians advance their reach and become more visible to patients. We do this by deploying efficient digital mechanisms at all possible touch-points between your patient and medical practice. We make sure your patients get to know you at an early stage of search exploration. The overall process ensures higher level of trust and greater convenience for patients.

Our data driven digital strategy aims at driving new patient appointments at the same time bringing a sharp drop in defection rates.

Enhanced Visibility

Once we audit your online presence, we carve out a custom strategy for boosting your online visibility. Based on your geography and specialization, we plan a right balance of paid search engine marketing (PPC) and organic search engine marketing (SEO). The results are monitored for every visit on your social channels and every click on your website.

Our scientific data driven approach enables us to streamline the patient experience on all online channels, eventually driving new appointments.

Enhanced Reputation and Patient Interaction

Medical profession has a heavier reliance on trust. The trust building process is gradual and needs consistent efforts in the right direction. We provide momentum to your trust building efforts and make it fall in line with patients’ perception of a trusted medical facility. This helps overcome a huge obstacle and brings the patient closer to a consultation call with your facility.

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