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Corporate websites are your image to the world. It should be able to project you differently, for what you stand and describe your offerings clearly to your target audience. A finely written website copy married to the right set of graphics are very effective in conveying your message and building an image. We like to keep your corporate website neat with a clear focus on communicate the message in shortest possible time, often a glance.


Corporate websites designed by Digital Multiply are responsive to mobile devices and bigger screen sizes alike. When your site needs to be more than just an information catalog, we incorporate elements to provide instant support (live chat), capture leads, gather feedback and messages, gauge user satisfaction levels etc.


A standard practice at Digital Multiply is to integrate corporate websites with analytics software such as Google Analytics and content sharing on social networks such as facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.


With decreasing customer loyalty, companies need to be in a continuous mode of finding new customers. Many of your website visitors are your prospective customers who may not always visit your website with a “ready to buy” mindset. It is crucial to engage with these customers else they become lost opportunities. Digital Multiply helps to engage your website visitors by engaging with them on the website (blog, feedbacks, reviews, surveys) and off it (mailers & newsletters).


It takes consistent efforts and sometimes years of hard work to build a brand. If the foundation is not right, all the efforts and hard work gets wasted.

We help you set up the right foundation by creating a brand identity that reflects your personality and your vision.
Once created, we ensure it is used consistently over all modes of communication, mainly the website. Colours, fonts, images and even the website copy are fine tuned to reflect your brand identity.

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